How to avoid razor burns

Razor burns are the consequence of the irritation of the skin.

While shaving, some razors are somehow burning the superficial layers of the skin which causes this burn feeling at the surface of the skin.

In the quest of the perfect shave, razor burns may arise due to too many passes at the same spot during the shave:

1.Prepare you beard. We already wrote a couple of articles on the subject which can be found in the advice section of this site .
2. Shave yourself after a shower. Your skin will be much more hydrated.
3. Use a pre-shave cream.
4. Try to shave with a good oil based shaving cream with a shaving brush.

And finally, maybe the most important, use a razor with less blades.
Multi-blade razors are in fact muliplying the number of passes which irritates the skin. Some people fith hard bristles and a sensitive skin can't handle that many passes during a shave and by reducing the number of blades, you also reduce the level of irritation.

A safety razor and/or a straight razor will become your best friend for the rest of you live. They won't irrate your skin as much and will help your skin to recover much faster.

Avoid using alcohol based aftershaves after the shave. Apply a alcohol free aftershave balm wich will hydrate and soothe your skin.