Haircut and Barber Service

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From January 3rd

John welcomes you for this new haircut and barber service at the shop of Jodoigne.
From Monday to Saturday / except Thursdays - from 10:00AM à 6:00PM.


Beard Care
18,00 €
Straight Razor Shave
30,00 €
Teenager Haircut
14,00 €
Trimmer Haircut
17,00 €
Scissor Haircut
23,00 €
Mix Scissor Haircut + Beard Care
38,00 €
Mix Scissor Haircut + Shave
50,00 €
Mix Trimmer Haicut + Beard Care
32,00 €
Mix Trimmer Haircut + Shave
44,00 €

The prices indicated are given for information only and can be modified without notice.

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Secure payments

All our payment methods are secure and the data shared with the service providers, reduced to the strict minimum in order to preserve your privacy.

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Fast and safe deliveries

We work with world-renowned companies that ensure fast and secure delivery of your orders. Here also, we make sure to only communicate the data necessary for the delivery of the parcel.

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For the good of the planet

Since the beginning of our activities, we have been careful to reduce our ecological impact on the planet. We recycle almost all packaging material. The paper is shredded on the spot. Bubble wrap, callus material and cardboard boxes are salvaged for re-use.