COVID19 Measures

For your safety and the one of our staff members

Can't wait to get back to the store? We're just as eager to see you again!
For the well-being of all, we must implement security measures over the next few weeks.

Here are the rules we have decided to apply:

For the Shop

Respect the rules for the good of all

No more than 2 customers at a time

Wait until you are invited to enter.

15 minutes maximum

So as not to expose everyone unnecessarily....

Hand disinfection

Hydroalcoholic gel is at your disposal, use it before you enter.

Wearing the mask

Wear your mask before you entrer.

Do not touch the goods

We prepare the products for you.

For the Parcel Shop

To drop off or pick up your parcels

Parcel pickup

Stay outside, show us your ID and we do the rest.

Parcel drop off

Stay outside, give us your name and we do the rest.

Questions regarding parcels follow up

Do not contact the shop, we don't have any means to trace parcels. Go to

For an efficient visit, prepare your purchases in advance, make a list that you can submit to us when you arrive at the store.
All our articles are present on our website, if you have any questions, we remain at your service by phone or by mail.

Wherever possible, shop online, pay online.
When ordering, it is possible to ask for a pickup in store.

Please be aware that we have taken additional sanitary precautions: we disinfect the countertop as well as the door handles.
Disinfectant spray will be applied to the barber's chair as well as to the cape after each customer.
Plexiglas protections will be installed at the counter..