Ralf Aust - 7/8 - Granadilla Ralf Aust - 7/8 - Granadilla

Ralf Aust - 7/8 - Granadilla

UGS: RA/122-NPG-A-E-1


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181,66 € 181.66 EUR HTVA

219,81 € TVAC

Straight nose and granadilla scales

Very nice razor featuring a 7/8 half hollowed ground very thick blade with a straight nose. It comes satin polished on both sides with a "SOLINGEN HANDARBEIT" engraving on one side. The blade has a rounded back with no decorations giving it a pure style. The scales are made out of granadilla which is subject to natural variations. The overall weight of the blade is quite heavy, definitively not for beginners. The razor is delivered in its carton box.

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