1barber.be fait peau neuve

un tout nouveau site pour mieux vous servir

Odoo CMS- Exemple d'image flottante

It's been quite some time we are working on the new version of our website but not only that.
At start, we had to confess that over the eyars, our Point of Sale system at the retail store wasn't working properly, our website started to become aged but most important, all our Tools were not integrated.

Efforts were made to synchronize the different systems, but it was clear that this situation was far from ideal ...
Today - all this is belongs to the past!

We have switched to an ERP that allows the complete management of the company in a fully integrated way.
The goal was to have a single software that can manage the retail sore, the accounting, our stock as well as the different websites that we operate.

We started this migration process almost a year ago and we are sure that this implementation will help us serve you better.