Pils - Safety razor - Black Pils - Safety razor - Black

Pils - Safety razor - Black



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163,87 € 163.87 EUR HTVA

198,28 € TVAC

Stainless Steel Matt Finish & Black Acrylic Glass

Pils 101NEThe Pils 104NE is definitively not a beginner's weapon.

It's special twisting head keeps the blade flat when the razor is closed which is very uncommon compared to what other manufacturers do.

The fact that the blade sits flat and the weight of the razor itself requires much experience during the shave.

It's pure design, its simplicity makes it a stainless steel piece of art.

Weight: 160gr
Total Height: 10cm
Handle Length: 9cm

Head Length: 4,6cm
Head Width: 2,5cm
Head Height: 1,0cm

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