Osma - Alum Stone - 75g Osma - Alum Stone - 75g

Osma - Alum Stone - 75g



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7,52 € 7.521 EUR BTW Excl.

( 121.33 € / Kg )

9,10 € BTW Incl.

Heals rednesses

For a long time, only barbers controlled the method of shaving, without irritation or blood. The perfection and quality of shaving were and are still their greatest concern.

And since the beginning of the history of barbers with the XIV 2nd century, the best knew and used the alum stone which they slowly passed on the face to soften and alleviate the skin after shaving.

Of mineral origin, the alum stone has many qualities. It is lenitive, hydrating, astringent and non-allergic. The alum stone enables you to reach, at home, the quality of shaving of the best barbers.

The alum stone of OSMA laboratories may also used before electric shaving, so as to prepare the hair for the passage of the razor. Its use brings an unequalled comfort.

Potassium Alum.

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