Whole day course for Professionnals Whole day course for Professionnals

Whole day course for Professionnals



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409,09 € 409.091 EUR BTW Excl.

495,00 € BTW Incl.

Learn everything about honing, shaving and shaving prep

Deze cursus is speciaal ontworpen om de basis over het scheren met een scheermes te leren.
Het is een hele dag cursus 10:00 tot 17:00.

We beginnen de dag met de verscherpingstechnieken

You'll learn from the ground up how to sharpen a straight razor, the tools you need and how to use each one of these tools. Come with your blades if you have some, it's a good opportunity to evaluate them.

The subjects covered during this course are:
- Straight Razors terminology
- Tools needed to sharpen razors
- The different phases in the sharpening process
- Straight razor maintenance
- Tips and trics

We vervolgen de reis met de scheervoorbereidingsstappen

We will learn here the various ways to create foam with a real badger shaving brush using shaving creams or soaps. We will discover a full range of products that will help us transform the shaving ritual into a moment of pleasure.

The subjects covered during this course are:
- The hair terminology
- The pre-shave steps
- The various pre-shave products that can be used
- The hot towel technique
- The after shave steps
- Grooming products

We eindigen bij de scheerbeurt

Your model comes around 3:00PM. Two methods can be applied
- Either we shave your model step by step and you follow our process.
- Either you shave your model following our instructions.

Both methods are perfectly valid as some people just like to follow first and apply what they learned later on, but some others prefer to practice very quickly.

De cursus vindt plaats in onze winkel van Geldenaeken, inclusief een lunch en een scheerproduct startersset.
Voor meer informatie, aarzel niet om contact met ons op te nemen.

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