HORL - Whetstone Disc #3000 - Fine HORL - Whetstone Disc #3000 - Fine

HORL - Whetstone Disc #3000 - Fine

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The rolling sharpener

The HORL ceramic whetstone grit 3000 is a fine whetstone that smoothes the edge of the blade and eliminates all scratches made by the standard diamond whetstone.

It makes it possible to postpone the complete sharpening process and thus prolong the life of your knives.
Do not use water or oil during sharpening.

This diamond sharpening stone is delivered in a metal storage box.

HORL 1993

The company of Otmar and Timo Horl, father and son, is located at the foot of the Black Forest.
It was in the 1990s that Otmar came up with the idea of manufacturing a rolling knife sharpener.

Over the years, they designed, optimised and realised this ingenious knife sharpener together.

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