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In December: Extended Opening Days


During the month of December...

Our store will be open every day, 
Sundays included from 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Except Sunday 29th 2013.


Christmas Market

1Barber will take part to the Christmas Market at the Watermael-Boitsfort (Place Wiener) on 28, 29, 30 and 01 december.
Unfortunately, we can't bring all our offering onsite, so if you want us to bring something special, please call us and we will bring it with us.


Fall novelties

Dear customers,

It's been a pleasure and a great satisfaction to introduce you a whole new range of Spanish products: Floïd!
We tried to provide these products since so much time that seing these on our website brings us much joy.
We hope you'll appreciate it as much as we do!

We also managed to bring in another exclusive product in our catalog, the well renown Martin de Candre shaving soaps.
These soaps produces a protective and smooth lather on the face which competes with the best shaving creams.


Technical enhancements

It's been 6 years you are browsing our website categories to find your prefered grooming products.
Today, we want to introduce you our latest enhancement that will for sure change the way you navigate through our website.

==> We enhanced our website search engine <==

You can now search by using a Google like syntax and chose among the 5 most relevant results found.
Let's say you are looking for ... a long handle safety razor?
Just type "long handle safety razor" (without the quotes) in the search field above.

But we've indexed more than just the title and and description of our products, we've also indexed the products properties. This allows you to search within our products ingredients...
Now, you can search for an aftershave with citus by just typing "aftershave citus" (without the quotes).

But what if you want to look for a paraben free aftershave with citrus?
Well, as easilly, you can type "aftershave citrus -paraben" (without the quotes) to retrieve a list of products matching your criteria.

We hope you'll enjoy this great functionality as much as we do. 


Merkur 15C

The Merkur® 15C is chromed steel razor manufactured by the Dovo company.

Grip :The handle is short and its diabeter is relatively small.
Price :26,44 €
Usability :Suitable for everyday and occasional use!
Balance :The head is slightly lighter than the handle involving a light imbalance but which is not awkward.
Aggressiveness :This razor is relatively light and does not have any adjustments. It is thus not aggressive and is appropriate particularly for the sensitive skins and to novice wet shavers.
Ease of use :Its lightness makes it hyper-handy and easy to use. Keep in mind that i'ts a 3 piece razor, the blade can't be changed by using only your 2 hands.
Similarities :Merkur 33C, Merkur 33G
Global Evaluation:This razor is particularly adapted for the young people eager start the traditional way of shaving. The open comb head will satisfy men that doesn't shave everyday. We disadvise it to the people having a strong beard.
Dimensions :
  • Width of the head: 2,4 cm
  • Length of the head: 4,2 cm
  • Height of the head: 0,7 cm
  • Length of the handle: 7,8 cm
  • Diameter of the handle: 1,1 cm
  • Weight of the head: 24 gr.
  • Weight of the handle: 28 gr.

Find hereafter some closer views of this razor:

Merkur 15C

Merkur 15C

Merkur 15C

Merkur 15C

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